Final report : fatal occupational accident on board of the vessel Nabucco on 26 June 2017

On 26 June 2017, at 19:20, the chemical oil tanker Nabucco was all fastened and berthed port side alongside Associated British Ports (ABP) Terminal number 1 jetty in Saltend, Hull, United Kingdom (UK). Two means of access were established. One gangway was installed to enable access in low water situation and the port side accommodation ladder was established for high water situations.

At around 22:50 the means of access were required to be changed as the tide was on the ebb and the accommodation ladder needed to be stowed away. The gangway was prepared for accessing the vessel.

The Chief Officer was working alone on the platform of the accommodation ladder and at 23:03 he fell from the accommodation ladder platform between the vessel and the quay into the water.

Despite intense search actions, the body of the Chief Officer was only discovered on 5 July 2017 some 30 km downstream.

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