The Administration of technical investigations is placed under the authority of the member of the government who is responsible for transports.

Management is assumed by the director of the Administration of technical investigations. The missions and the organisation of the administration are defined by national amended law dated 30 April 2008 establishing the Administration. 


The main goal of the Administration of technical investigations is to enhance safety in the areas of civil aviation, maritime and river transports, railways, vehicle traffic on public roads, by preventing accidents and serious incidents in these domains.

The Administration of technical investigations has the task of carrying out a safety investigation in the cases of accidents or serious incidents in the fields of:

  • civil aviation;
  • railways, with tramways included;
  • vehicle traffic on public roads;
  • maritime and river transports.

The specific provisions framing the safety investigations for the different modes under the responsibility of the Administrations can be consulted in each dedicated sections.  

The safety investigation ends with the producing of a final report, which as a general rule, 

  • explains the scope of the investigation;
  • contains the factual elements determined during the investigation and their analysis;
  • presents the findings;
  • if possible, proposes recommendations to avoid the reproduction of a similar accident or serious incident.

In accordance with Article 6 of the national amended law dated 30 April 2008, the final reports are published in PDF format and can be consulted or downloaded online on the pages dedicated to every field of competence.

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